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· By Achsah Taziwa

The woman inspires me. Considering no color, no social class, no beliefs or anything else that covers her, I see the woman under it all. She is powerful behind everything the world tries to veil her with or box her in. The woman sees deeper. She's tested harder. She endures his pain and her own. No man could ever survive the depths of a woman. He's never been in the position of a woman and sacrificed the way the woman has, while she still fights for validation in a world she birthed.

Who can push around a cart full of food, breastfeed a baby, carry a man's burdens, and her own while maintaining a grocery list in her head? And this is after receiving a paycheck that tells her she is worth less than a man. Sounds like a superpower or, as some say, magic. It's not. It's the strength of a woman. Some put titles on our strength to make it sound more appealing, again because we're taught being a woman is not enough.

"They say if your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough . . . I'm petrified."

The woman sacrifices herself for our children, our families, and communities, even when she's told she's not enough or she doesn't matter. The world is nothing without the woman. She is the soil and the water where he plant's his seeds. She inspires me; her weakness is as moving as her strength. The way the woman is capable of giving birth while carrying man when he's weak . . . only a woman can do that in a way only a woman can.

And I'm petrified because I'm obligated to fulfill a dream that highlights the woman. I do this for our daughters, our sons, our tomorrow. She has entrusted me with her story, pieces of her, I will cherish for a lifetime.

Thank you to the women who stand in strength and to the ones who are still finding self. Your story matters and you are deserving of this light.

If you would like to share your story or the story of a woman who has been influential in your life, let's connect. Email

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