• bodywork practitioner,

    creator of expressive art,

    photographer who writes about the elephant and the room...

    birthed in the Midwest,

    becoming in the South,

    while bursting the veil,

    & cultivating roots


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    Neuromuscular Therapy. Myofascial Release. Aromatherapy. Relaxation. Wellness.

  • The Elephant Writes

    Ach'Sah writes in color, painting the stories that are held between teeth and tongue. She writes truths that rattle bones six feet deep. Her words build thick air, keeping the loudest mouths lock-jawed. She collects reality like travelers collect great souvenirs, then displays it boldly in her work.


    "I knew I would have to pick at scabs and open up scars just to stand at the entrance of his dungeon where my past resides. I knew I would have to dissect every skeleton of his and my own to acknowledge the dark. I would have to if I wanted to move to the light, so I began to open my flesh so I could attempt to move from the box he put me in."

    - Born to the Elephant Show


    She writes with the sole purpose of moving us toward change for the betterment of all; ultimately helping the voiceless.


    "We are You. You are We. We are one."

  • Writings

    Book & Script Collection


    Ruminations of a woman cultivating our roots; shining a light on the strength of women & their stories for our tomorrow.

    February 18, 2019 · By Achsah Taziwa
    April 8, 2019 · Year of the Woman
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  • Fellow Writer

    The word around town...

    your mother was a panther

    Tara Ngozi Mixon

    Black women are not a monolith. They are many things--beautiful and mysterious. Through magical and musical verse, Mixon offers alternative narratives, origin stories that challenge the limited societal views of black women, demonstrating how their mere existence is at times a mystery, an amalgam of experiences--inherited and otherwise.
    An orphan (who is adopted by a storm) tries to hold thunder in her mouth; a battered grandmother taps into her ancestral powers; an adolescent girl befriends a woman at the end of her life; a young woman searches for her elusive mother; a pregnant woman prepares to give birth while her husband is dying; familial love keeps music alive; and Harlem is running late.

  • Education

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

    - Nelson Mandela

    Atlanta School of Photography


    Hondros College

    Real Estate

    Licensed in OH & GA

    Franklin University

    Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration


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